victim care

The aim of this film is to create awareness among police officers for Victim Care. The police has traditionally been a perpetrator-oriented organization. Partly prompted by European and Dutch legislation, the police must also be victim-oriented. The film acts as a booster and eye-opener, must ensure a positive attitude towards this topic. Police officers must be aware that it also affects them personally.

The film consists of interviews with a number of police officers in various positions (Intake & Service, investigation, community police officer, emergency aid), who are already very passionate about victim care in practice. They are the ambassadors, who tell about their experiences on the basis of practical situations. Examples from daily practice, in which the vulnerability of victims plays a role. What should you do and how, what tools are there?

client: police

  • Concept & production: Moving Target
  • Director: Patrick Dierdorp
  • Producer: Bart Overes
  • Camera: Geert Lautenschutz
  • Sound: Gerard Verwiel, Arie van der Steen
  • Gaffer: Huib Berkhoff – Lichtmacht
  • Edit: Robbert Wilts – Postlounge
  • Audio post: Konstantin Johannes – The Sound Republic