Opening of Police station and joint control room ZEELAND - WEST-BRABANT

Due to Covid 19, our client was forced to design the official opening of the Zeeland-West Brabant police station and control room in Bergen op Zoom as a hybrid event with a live program at 1.5 meters for a very select group. The other interested and involved parties could follow the opening via livestream.

Because the building could not be shown to the outside world at this opening, it was decided to add a film to the program to give stakeholders, local residents, users and other interested parties a glimpse into the building and its users (police, fire brigade and ambulance service) in action.

client: dutch national police

  • Concept & production: Moving Target
  • Director: Patrick Dierdorp
  • Producer: Bart Overes
  • Camera: Geert Lautenschutz
  • Sound: Gerard Verwiel 
  • Edit: Wouter Veeneman – Postlounge
  • Audio post: Konstantin Johannes – The Sound Republic