job agreement - episode 2: EMIL

Employers from both the private sector and the government have pledged to provide 125,000 workplaces for people with an occupational disability by 2026. Of this, 100,000 workplaces must be in the private sector and 25,000 workplaces in the government. This is called the Job Agreement. Up to and including 2024, approximately 642 extra jobs must be created within the police.

The approach of the series of video portraits is to show how employees with an occupational disability are at work in various places within the police, whereby the added value they provide is shown in a positive way and we do not approach the subject from a problem. Each episode is a portrait of a police officer with an occupational disability. After a personal introduction, a manager and a direct colleague will also speak.

About how the employee ended up in his/her place, about the work disability and life with this disability, about work, about private life, about the added value, about obstacles overcome and about a funny anecdote in which the disability plays a role.

client: police hrm

  • Concept & production: Moving Target
  • Director: Patrick Dierdorp
  • Producer: Bart Overes
  • Camera: Geert Lautenschutz
  • Sound: Gerard Verwiel
  • Edit: Joery Minnema – Postlounge
  • Audiona post: Konstantin Johannes – The Sound Republic