Voor Blauw (For Blue) is about working in the operational management of the police and gives a look behind the scenes. We make the invisible visible. By switching between employees of the various business units (such as HR, ICT, IM, Facilities, Finance) and then to the operational services, we visualize both internal and external cooperation and connections. By means of short specific quotes from employees from the operational management, interspersed with active, dynamic, sparkling images, both of people at work and images from the operation, we make clear what essential role the operational management plays in relation to the specific case and /or within the daily operational activities. We show the added value of business operations and its employees to operational work and the scale of the field. Recognition and acknowledgement play an important role, the film evokes a sense of unity and pride in the employees of the business operations and leads to surprise and admiration among the people in the executive services.

client: Dutch national police

  • Concept & production: Moving Target
  • Director: Patrick Dierdorp
  • Producer: Bart Overes
  • Camera: Geert Lautenschutz
  • Sound: Gerard Verwiel
  • Edit: Postlounge
  • Audio post: Konstantin Johannes – The Sound Republic