An inspiration film about the results and successes of the Satellite Applications Innovation Program. People working within the “triple helix” and end users, come into the picture and make inspiring personal statements. No explanatory but challenging quotes in the form of one-liners. Quotes that radiate enthusiasm and the urge for innovation. Each in his or her own way talks about the results achieved, the approach, the open cooperation, the enormous possibilities and opportunities offered. To support their stories, we see the dynamic environment of people at work within various parts of the triple helix collaboration. We see appealing images of the use of applications in practice: satellites orbiting the earth, zooming in on the earth, satellite photos and data analysis, high-tech. In doing so, we establish the relationship between the applications and the people who work with them as much as possible.

client: Ministry of justice & security

  • Concept & production: Moving Target
  • Director: Patrick Dierdorp
  • Producent: Bart Overes
  • Camera: Niels van der Kraan
  • Sound: Gerard Verwiel
  • Edit: Skip Rink – Postlounge
  • Audio Post: Konstantin Johannes – The Sound Republic