TRAILER tv format bulky waste

Bulky waste wonders what value there is behind the things that people apparently throw away carelessly and is also curious about the large and small stories behind them. How much is wasted because we throw away things that can still be used or reused? Bulky waste wants to demonstrate that we can combat unnecessary waste and environmental pollution by being aware of what we throw away and by introducing ourselves to the principle of the circular economy: waste is not waste. How beautiful is it that the things of your deceased grandmother, which you take away as bulky waste, because you do not know what else to do with it, in whatever form, get a new life? From waste to raw material: what you bring as waste becomes the raw material of new products. And that is fun and gives a good feeling!

©2020 Bart Thieme & Moving Target

moving Target

  • Concept: Bart Thieme & Moving Target
  • Production: Moving Target
  • Director: Patrick Dierdorp
  • Producer: Bart Overes
  • Host: Ilse van der Veen
  • Camera: Goof de Koning
  • Sound: Just Posthumus
  • Edit: Moving Target/Randolf Maturin/Postlounge
  • Audio post: Konstantin Johannes – The Sound Republic