We are Moving Target.

We help brands

to tell their stories

on screen

and companies

by creating heroes!

What online video can do for you.

Online video will make visitors stay on your website for longer. Your website will be ranked higher in search results. Your brand awareness will increase. Complex information can be explained more clearly. Your brand promotion is presented as entertainment and therefore more appealing. Your message will be more personal. Distribution through social networks will increase interaction, conversion rates and revenu. Customers will see your product, as well as the processes and people involved in creating it. Or, alternatively, they will be the people in front of the camera, delivering testimonials on what your product means to them.
People are always on the move, the people in your target audience included. They can go online 24/7, wherever in the world they are, using telephone, tablet, laptop, pc or TV – often using multiple devices at the same time. They want to decide for themselves where, when and how they want to consume the information available and who they want to share this with. Video is taking up an increasingly prominent place within this daily stream of content.
A story told in moving pictures can be a powerful and effective means of communication. It can help your brand to be associated with positive emotions, adding real value. In just one minute a brand can appear to have a surprising sense of humour, show it’s made by a team of passionate people or demonstrate it’s truly socially responsible.


DCC_Stefanie_JoostenDutch Comic Con 2016 films produced for Easyfairs Benelux in cooporation with Triangle PR can be viewed online, as wel the B2B as  B2C version.

Moving Target starts a new wonderful and exciting project for Dutch Police commissioned by the Police Services Centre.

Moving Target, Lichtmacht and G.A.D. join together to develop and produce a new concept for television (and beyond). April 15 will be the first shooting day for the pilot.

‘Politie, the film’, Moving Target’s latest production is online and was viewed and was viewed 75,000+ times within 2 weeks!

Our services:

Online video

Strong storytelling through commercials, web series or soaps, corporate, instruction or training videos, support of annual reports, product reviews. Read more…


Stories with heroes ánd anti-heroes who touch us and inspire us.

Tricky subject matter handled without the customary velvet gloves. Audacious and funny. A hit on Facebook and almost six million views on Youtube.

First part of an 8-part web series with anti-hero Barry, included with a new Ford Escape.

How a telecom brand conveys a message through a movie without playing a role in it. ‘Giving is the best communication’.
More than 16 million views.

In this film, a Thai bank launches a new vision for the company called ‘Make the difference’ – based on an extraordinary true story.